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The Calls Recorder is a totally FREE application that lets you record Skype audio calls
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15 October 2014

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This is Skype recorder tool.

SoftComfort Calls Recorder for Skype lets you record all the calls over Skype. The problem with voice over the telephone is that a lot of indirect details available on a face to face communication is lost. Unless you are able to remember the tone and the mood of the communicating party, you may not remain sure of what the party really wanted. Memories of the details of conversations fade after a time. Keeping the chat sessions recorded helps a lot. Whether it is a personal session or a business call, the record would tell you if you are missing something. For a business call, this could be a vital issue in meeting customer’s expectation. If necessary, you can go over the conversation several times before you deliver a product or a service. Chat sessions become important source of information. That is true of personal calls too. You do not have to remember, you could sense the actual mood of the person’s tone and timbre of the voice.

The integration with Skype is quite seamless. The call recorder detects when audio/video calls begin and start recording automatically. It records not only the Skype calls but any sound played through the sound card can be captured. These could be audio from a microphone, speakers or played by an external device. It organizes the voice call records so that they are easy to find. The length of a recording is unlimited. You can get a record of a call irrespective of the length of it. This is a good product.

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Have you ever find yourself may forget the details of Skype call conversation? With Calls Recorder this issue is a thing of the past.
With Calls Recorder your life and work could be simple and more relaxed knowing every important detail is recorded for quick and easy recall whenever needed. No limit on recording time.
Never lose a minute of your conversation! Record whatever you want just by one click! Calls recorder is great for lessons, podcasts, interviews or just having fun.
You can record your conversations in Skype automatically or any sounds passing through microphones or speakers could be captured manually.
The Calls Recorder turns an ordinary conversation in the information resource. It's the best time-saving investment you have ever made.
With Calls recorder you organize your memory - all recorded Skype calls or any capture sounds will be automatically added to the record-file list with detailed information like filename, date.The program supports multiple audio formats and allows recording audio directly into MP3 and WAV formats.
With Skype Calls Recorder you save not only the essence of the conversation, but also interlocutor's tone and timbre of the voice which help you to understand him better and feel his mood.
With Calls Recorder your Skype calls become more than a passing thoughts!
Calls Recorder
Calls Recorder
Version 1.0.3
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